Tired of Stepping Over Your Tub?

Hire Texoma Renovators for tub conversions in Wichita Falls, TX

When’s the last time you used your tub? If it’s too long for you to remember, why do you still have it? Convert your tub into a shower with the help of Texoma Renovators in Wichita Falls, TX.

Jason and his team of bathroom remodelers can install a new shower base and remove the hassle of stepping over your tub. Texoma Renovators can also install a walk-around system so you can keep your tub while avoiding the risk of a fall. Choose Texoma to increase the functionality and safety of your bathroom.

The benefits of a tub to shower conversion

The benefits of a tub to shower conversion

Getting rid of your tub for a bigger shower can make life a lot easier. Some benefits of a tub to shower conversion include:

  • More floor space for your shower
  • No need to climb into your shower
  • A decreased risk of slips and falls
Get in touch with Texoma Renovators today for a spacious shower in no time.